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Modern Luxury Home
Modern Work Space
Office with Triangle Windows

Solutions for small or large Maintenance-Repair-Services by Certified Technicians.

About us

FCC is a South Florida-based, Maintenance, Repairs, Services company and is a leading Residential, Commercial & HOA’s market. The company has earned recognition for undertaking small & large remodeling, repairs projects and making a difference for clients, community.

Products and services

Licenced & Insured providing a variety of services of carpentry, painting, repairs, maintenance and remodeling for associations, managements and private. Owners operated supplying fair prices and excellent services.

Clients Testimonials

August 2020

Thank you, you’re the best. 




June 2020

Yes, I am very happy. I stopped by over the weekend and saw it. Thank you. I'll definitely recommend you to other owners.


Thank You



May 2020

You’re so awesome!!!!

Thank You,



Wow! Looks great! Great job!!!

Thank you! 
Candice C


Thank you Alex, I am very very thankful for your support and great work.



April 2020

Thank you so much Alex.  You are a blessing!

The new doors really look fabulous

Nirvana chose the right guy for the job!!  Hope we never lose you!



March 2020

You are AWESOME!!!!

Thank you,



May 2020


Te felicito, muy buen reporte elaboraste y buen trabajo en el area de la 162 para Kendall Gate . Ahora me confirmas que estamos preparados para proyectos mas grandes y nuevos clientes , porque de esa forma el negocio prosperara, Dios te bendiga en todo.


Un abrazo,


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